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Savelli Timeline


Our family’s origin story revolves around the history of the Eternal City. It is a story of faith and determination that keep running through our veins as we continue welcoming countless pilgrims on St. Peter’s Square.

This is us, 120 years ago. Lorenzo Savelli is the fascinating seated man, with Luigi leaning on his knee (boy on the right).

Savelli Religious timeline

1898 — The inception 

Lorenzo Savelli Sr opened a tiny religious store at the Vatican in preparation for the Jubilee of 1900. Former Palatine guard, the one thing he wanted most was to provide every pilgrim visiting the Holy See with the possibility to take home a keepsake from that once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This is how the Savelli store looked like back then.

Savelli Religious timeline

1929 The second generation

Years later, it was Luigi’s turn to lead the family business. One of Lorenzo’s fifteen children, he moved the original Savelli store in front of Bernini’s colonnade and consolidated our presence in the life of Saint Peter’s Square. Luigi paved the way for new inspiring adventures yet to come.

Luigi, just like his father years before, posing with his children. (Keep the blond toddler in mind)

Savelli Religious timeline

The 1960s — A step forward

A turning point in the history of our store occurred when the founder’s namesake grandson, Lorenzo, took up the reins of the house together with his talented wife Rosanna. They transformed the store into a company dedicated to the sale of religious articles and to the promotion of the art of mosaic. 

Lorenzo Jr (the little blond toddler in the previous photo) on honeymoon with his beautiful wife Rosanna.

 Savelli Religious timeline

The 2000s - In the founder’s footsteps

Lorenzo and Rosanna’s three children — Alessandra, Luigi, and Pietro — lead the way for other store openings in the vicinity of the Holy See. Just like their great-grandfather did a century earlier, they opened the doors of a new Savelli shop in celebration of the Jubilee 2000 and continue to run the company nowadays side by side, following a century-old tradition.


Lorenzo and Rosanna with their three children Pietro (on the left), Alessandra and Luigi.


It is worth mentioning that the family’s long-standing passion for the art of Roman micro mosaic, started by Lorenzo and cultivated by his children, blossomed into a one-of-a-kind private collection, Ars Antiqua Savelli, whose masterpieces were put to display at Rome's Napoleonic Museum. 


Ars Antiqua Savelli - Museo Napoleonico

Ars Antiqua Savelli at the "Museo Napoleonico di Roma". 

Savelli Religious timeline

The 2010s — Going digital

We constantly try to make the most of the experience of older generations and to trust the guts of the younger ones. A few years ago, a brand-new Savelli digital flagship was launched on the initiative of Alessandra’s elder daughter, Valentina. At the heart of her idea was to take the original idea behind Savelli to a whole new level, that is to enable people from all over the world to have a blessed item from the Vatican, regardless of where they are located. 


The Savelli Family today

Clockwise: Luigi, Alessandra, Lorenzo, and Pietro.


New generation - Savelli Family

We just love Christmas -— a family time par excellence.

Rosanna accompanied by Alessandra and her three granddaughters.

Savelli Religious timeline 

2018 - Looking back, moving forward.

Who we are today is no question a result of our spiritual legacy and loyalty to the values of our ancestors. Our mission as a family and as a company was, is, and always will be that of creating a positive impact on people and championing Italian craftsmanship and artistry.


The Savelli Family



Faith has the ability to regenerate, inspire, and provide that all-important feeling of fulfillment, which helped shape who we are today. We have evolved and transformed, but the spirit of what began 120 years ago still endures today, and we hope that the tradition of offering durable, handcrafted religious articles and mosaics that has been passed down through 5 generations will continue to bring joy to people of faith worldwide.

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