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Religious & Catholic Gifts for Women - Savelli Religious

Among our wide selection of handmade religious gifts for women, you may find a heartfelt present for your loved one. Let yourself be inspired by our Catholic jewelry, designed and crafted by the very best Italian artisans. Rosary Earrings with black Swarovski-crystal beads can make a perfect birthday gift for your girlfriend. A blessed Rosary necklace with glass and Swarovski crystal beads will be an amazing surprise that will make your wife happy on your wedding anniversary. A Catholic gift is much more than a precious jewel. It is a meaningful gift, able to show to the women of your life — be it your fiancé, your mom, or your daughter — how much you love them.

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    Pink Quartz beads and metal binding. The central medal depicts the Miraculous Madonna. At your request, we will bring the rosary to receive the Blessing from Pope Francis. Request it during the check-out. Learn More
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