Catholic religious jewelry carries a deep-rooted meaning that goes beyond a simple esthetic statement. Join us in rediscovering the value of our jewelry. 

Savelli best selling jewelry

It is commonly held that the recovery of the true cross took place Sept.14, 327. The Feast of the Cross, also called the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, is the symbol of our redemption. Learn the most important details about such festivity.

Holy Cross

Our manufacturing tradition is one of our strengths, and the way our artisans take care of the whole process cannot but make us very proud. We’re willing to share this piece of tradition with you--so, discover here the creative process of Savelli’s medals.

The Art of Medal Making

José Bergoglio, the 266th Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, is a rule breaker in a number of ways. His humbleness and devotion to the poor are contagious. Let’s discover a bit more about him: 5 facts that you might not know about our dear Franciscus.

Pope Francis - Interesting Facts

On August 15, Catholics celebrate the Feast of Saint Mary the Virgin, mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Not familiar with the details of such solemnity? Have a look at our dedicated blog post!


Assumption of Mary - August 15

There’s a number of life situations where we the Christians can resort to our faith to find peace. Faith can be incredibly comforting because it has the power to dramatically and positively change our lives. Find here why…

Power of faith

Instead of gifting to your friend the usual Friendship Band, dare to express your attachment and affection in a more original way… with one of our gobsmacking jewels! Enjoy our Gift Guide and happy Friendship Day!

International Friendship Day

Grandparents' Day is a secular holiday in many countries - it is commonly celebrated on 26 of July. Learn more about this festivity here!


Saint Anne & Saint Joseph - Grandparents

Saint Peter and Saint Paul are deeply connected to the history of Rome. For this reason, every year the Eternal City celebrate them on June, 29. Discover here the origins of such a feast.

Saint Peter and Paul

More than a thousand-year-old tradition that encourages hundreds of people to undertake a challenging, yet incredibly spiritual journey to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia. We invite you to take part in a virtual trip to Santiago with us...


Camino de Santiago

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