‘A fun day, with a serious message’, as it is defined by Unicef, the World Children’s Day—to be celebrated November, 20th— is a perfect occasion to take action and give less fortunate children more opportunities. Discover how to help!

World Children's Day

On the occasion of World Children’s Day we came up with a Gift Guide all focused on our youngsters. Come in to see our suggestions, because our children are truly worth it.

World Children's Day Gift Guide

The word, “Blessed” carries more weight and power than we often credit it. Jump in to join us in this week’s meditation.

Pope Francis - General Audience - Blessing

As the summer has been dethroned by the autumn, November has made way for the celebration season to start. Read on to learn three of the most important Christian feasts of the fall.

Fall Festivities

While you use it on a daily basis, have you ever taken a minute to think about the authenticity of the magic ‘thank you’ ritual? Come on in!



One of the highest teachings that a Christian must bear in mind is that a true Christian has to learn how to forgive. Join us for the spiritual meditation on forgiveness.

Forgiveness - A meditation by Savelli

The story behind the Scala Sancta is truly riveting. That’s why we suggest you include it on your bucket list for your next trip to Rome -- you won’t regret it!


Holy Stairs - Rome

The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary is one of the most renowned Marian festivities of Roman Catholicism. Get to know the real meaning of the rosary in Roman Catholicism. 

Our Lady of the Rosary - Savelli Religious

Catholic religious jewelry carries a deep-rooted meaning that goes beyond a simple esthetic statement. Join us in rediscovering the value of our jewelry. 

Savelli best selling jewelry

It is commonly held that the recovery of the true cross took place Sept.14, 327. The Feast of the Cross, also called the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, is the symbol of our redemption. Learn the most important details about such festivity.

Holy Cross

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