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Pentecost definitely represents a turning point in Christian history. It’s an incredibly unique event in terms of spiritual significance, because it marks the beginning of the Church...

Holy Spirit Petal Rain Pantheon Pentecost

Easter time, or Eastertide, starts the day after the Easter Sunday and ends on Pentecost. Drop in to discover what what happened in between!

Eastertide - Savelli Religious Blog

Five beautiful quotes to write in a very special First Communion card: Bible verses and memorable sentences which can make this day even more memorable.  

First communion card   

Best practices, useful tips, and original ideas: all we need to think about to organize the best First Communion party of ever and help our children never forget this day.

 How to organize a First Communion party

Probably most Catholics know that May is the month of Mary, but not everybody knows why. Let’s discover it!

Month of Mary

The devotional prayers to remember and honor the 7 sorrowful events in the life of the Virgin Mary: let’s learn how to pray the 7 Sorrows of Mary Rosary

How to pray on 7 sorrows of Mary 

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