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Learn about one of the most powerful Catholic sacramentals. We put together an easy-to-follow guide on the history of the St Benedict medal and its symbolism.St Benedict Medal

Commemorated as the father of Western monasticism, St. Benedict preached by his example the way to God. Learn more about his inspiringly spiritual life.

Montecassino Abbey

We chose 5 stories to celebrate 5 of the most influential and inspiring Catholic women of all times. Let’s remember them on the International Women’s Day.

8 march

The Great Lent is an important Christian period of repentance and preparation for the Easter. Formalized during the First Council of Nicaea in 325 CE, it was observed even before that date. Find out more about it in our dedicated blog post!

The Great Lent - New Blogpost


The most critical days, the main definitions, the mandatory duties, and everything else we need to know about Lenten Season in an easy guide.

Lenten Season a guide to

Let’s explore 3 basic facts about Ash Wednesday, which is the very beginning of Lent Season and the holiest day in the liturgical year.


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