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Discover the story of a Saint who from an anti-papal rebel as a youth converted to Catholicism and became the Patron of cancer patients. 

Saint Pellegrine Laziosi

From humble beginnings, Carnival is now celebrated in over 50 countries around the world. Jump in to discover the origins of such a festival.

 Carnival - Interesting Facts

Sometimes one is in need of an extra mood booster to make it through a bad patch. Couple this with the fact that spiritual nurture is never too much, this makes it a perfect excuse to treat ourselves —or our dearest ones— to something deeply mesmerizing.

Savelli Religious - Must-Have Jewelry

Born into a Catholic feudal family, in Aquino (modern-day Lazio, Italy), a very young Thomas joined the ranks of the abbey of Monte Cassino in 1230. After nine spiritually and culturally enriching years at the abbey, Thomas was sent to the University of Naples, where eventually he became passionate about science and philosophy.

 Thomas Aquinas

Used for centuries by pilgrims to reach the Holy Seat, today this is one of the best spots to visit nearby the Vatican...

Castel Sant'Angelo - Ponte Sant'Angelo

Without Mary, Joseph and Jesus there would be no Church. Their lives interlace to form the story of the Holy Family, which is the original cell of Christianity.

 The Holy Family month - January 2018

For many people, the holiday season doesn’t end with New Year’s Eve. Even though it’s not celebrated in the same way everywhere, January 6th marks an important day for Christianity.

Three Wise Men

Are you ready for 2018? We bet it will be fertile ground for magnificent experiences to come. Let’s get started with some New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year

A guide to what you should be wearing this Christmas season to shine like a star at every event.

Fall-Winter Trends

There are countless inspiring Christmas stories to learn from, but there’s one that struck us to such an extent that we decided to share our thoughts with you...

A Christmas Carol - 3 Lessons to Learn

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