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On Good Friday we commemorate the sorrowful day when Jesus was crucified. Let's follow in Jesus' footsteps by recalling the fourteen stations of the cross that He walked to his crucifixion on the Mount of Calvary.

14 Stations of the Cross - Cross by Savelli Religious

Many Catholics love to wear Scapulars, a beloved Marian devotional. Let’s discover, then, what is a brown scapular, and ho do Catholics wear it.

 Brown Scapular

A 4 steps guide to the most beautiful, although dramatic, liturgy for the Church: what is Holy Saturday Easter Vigil, how long it is, and what we’re expected to do.

Easter Vigil

Browse the Holy Week collection by Savelli Religious, featuring the most intense moments and symbology of the life of Jesus.


Holy Week & Easter Collection - Savelli Religious

When did the Easter egg tradition started? What’s the symbolic meaning of the painted boiled eggs that we use to serve on Easter Sunday morning? It all begins with Mary Magdalene.

Easter eggs meaning

It’s the most sacred period of the Christian calendar during which we commemorate the last days of Jesus Christ. Refresh the fundamentals of the Holy Week in five simple points.

Easter at the Vatican

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