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Four Lenten devotional tools that you will find very helpful during one of the most meaningful seasons of the liturgical year: the 40 days of Lent.

Devotional tools for Lent

The “Passion Prayer”, and some other well-known beautiful prayers for Lent that we can recite during this Liturgical Season.

Prayers for Lent


Catholic religious jewelry carries a deep-rooted meaning that goes beyond a simple esthetic statement. Join us in rediscovering the core value of our jewelry. 

Savelli best selling jewelry

Some honor this festivity as a perfect opportunity to genuinely show off all the love they’ve been hiding all year long. Others think for whatever reason that this celebration is unnecessary. Regardless of what might be your personal opinion about this celebration, we invite you to discover the mysterious story of the Saint that gave the name to February, 14th.   

Saint Valentine

The most important days, the main definitions, the mandatory duties, and everything else we need to know about Lenten Season in an easy guide. 

Lenten Season a guide to

Lent is a time of preparation for the most important season of the liturgical year, namely Easter. But how can we prepare for Lent? These are 4 effective tips and habits.

Prepare for Lent

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