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Blessed rosary earrings | Rosary for sale | Savelli Religious

Catholic rosary earrings make wonderful gifts for girls and women. On Savelli Religious store, you will able to choose among a wide array of diverse models: cross earrings, drop blessed rosary earrings beads, Miraculous Medal earrings. Each set of our religious rosary earrings is originally designed by the best Italian artisans, and crafted from precious materials, such as 18 kt Gold and Sterling Silver, Zircons, and Swarovski-crystal beads, to name only a few. At your request, the rosary earrings can be blessed by Pope Francis.
  1. Gold 18 Kt (1)
  2. Sterling Silver (4)
  3. Golden Sterling Silver (2)
  4. Pink Sterling Silver (3)
  1. Crystal (6)
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