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Blessed rosary boxes, cases and holders for sale | Savelli Religious

A perfect piece of Catholic jewelry needs a worthy religious chain to wear it on. Choose the right length of your religious rosary necklace chain, in order to put the right emphasis on the Catholic jewelry that you are wearing. For example, smaller crosses and crucifixes are often better suited for shorter rosary choker chains. On our online store, you can choose among diverse styles and materials too. Find the one you like the most, and request a free blessing service.
  1. Gold 18 Kt (3)
  2. White Gold 18 Kt (3)
  3. Sterling Silver (4)
  4. Golden Sterling Silver (2)
  5. Metal (2)
  6. Golden Metal (2)
  1. USD0.00 - USD99.99 (8)
  2. USD200.00 - USD299.99 (4)
  3. USD400.00 and above (2)
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