First Communion season is quickly approaching and many of you are already looking for an appropriate gift for the occasion… Check our Gift Guide for some tip!

First Communion, also called Eucharist (thanksgiving in Greek) is a pillar in a Christian person’s life since it coincides with her/his introduction in the adult religious life. For this reason, usually, only a child who reached the age of reason can receive this Sacrament--from now on the First Communicant is compared to a grown up with regards to her/his spirituality.

First Communion - Gift Guide

EcoArt Travel tour operator, owned by Luigi Savelli of the Savelli group, recently launched a series of small-group Vatican tours. During these visits, guests may have opportunity to see a collection of the Savelli family's 17th and 18th century micro-mosaics, housed permanently in a wing of the Vatican Museums.

Celebrated on March 17, which is the day when he died, Saint Patrick is best known for being Ireland’s Patron Saint, but the celebration has spread all over the world. Although it is a perfect excuse for drinking a lot of  Guinness for the occasion, Saint Patrick’s Day is much more than that. Discover here whether you know it all about it!


Saint Patrick's Day - March 17

Not a common day at all--Father’s Day is the best opportunity you have to honor fatherhood. Do not take your dad for granted!

“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad.”



Father's Day - Saint Joseph

A joyful day is about to come--a day dedicated to women, to their contribution to society, as well as to their tenacity and work. It's a great opportunity to take your time and reflect on how far we've come and how far we can still go! From this 8 March on, be a rule-breaker, a game changer, and simply a dreamer.


8 March - International Women's Day 2017

Every 8 March we take our time to assess whether social progress has been made during the year, whether we contributed to making this world at least a little bit better for our girls--mothers, sisters, and daughters… Let’s take a minute to think about what does it all mean and why is it so important. 

International Women's Day

Rome, the City of Churches, is one of the world’s most spiritual destinations that offers plenty of possibilities to those who decided to undertake a religious journey. If you haven’t heard about the Seven Pilgrim Churches pilgrimage tradition then this post is just right for you.


Three Minor Basilicas of Rome

The Sacred Heart’s devotion has gone a long way before actually acquiring all the visibility it has nowadays. Check this 7 bullet points to learn more about it!

Sacred Heart of Jesus

We’re back! Now that we’ve learned about the true story and meaning of Saint Valentine’s Day and dedicated our last week’s blog post to Gifts for Her, it’s time to pay tribute to our beloved men! Let’s get it started!

 Gifts For Him


Here we are again—Saint Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and you still don’t have “the” gift? It’s not a big deal, since this year you have this double Gift Guide that we elaborated explicitly for you…


Saint Valentine's Gifts for Her

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