The Sacred Heart’s devotion has gone a long way before actually acquiring all the visibility it has nowadays. Check this 7 bullet points to learn more about it!

Sacred Heart of Jesus

We’re back! Now that we’ve learned about the true story and meaning of Saint Valentine’s Day and dedicated our last week’s blog post to Gifts for Her, it’s time to pay tribute to our beloved men! Let’s get it started!

 Gifts For Him


Here we are again—Saint Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and you still don’t have “the” gift? It’s not a big deal, since this year you have this double Gift Guide that we elaborated explicitly for you…


Saint Valentine's Gifts for Her

Some honor this festival, considering it a perfect occasion to genuinely show off all the love they’ve been hiding all year long, others think for whatever reason that this celebration is really unnecessary. No matter what is your point of view, we invite you to discover the mysterious story of the Saint that gave the name to February 14.  


Saint Valentine

The metaphor is probably one of the most used and efficient figures of speech used in religious writings in order to suggest and describe something in a more simple and interesting way. The Good Shepherd metaphor is one of the most known metaphors of Christianism. Learn more about it!


Buon Pastore - Ravenna

In the Catholic tradition, who says the 6th of January says Epiphany. This term, coming from Greek, stands for “manifestation”. In Hellenistic times it was quite a common religious concept that designated “appearance of divine power in a person or event”. With the advent of Christianity, it began to denote the coming of the Son of God on earth. Here is a brief list of interesting facts about it, viewed from an intercultural perspective.

Three Wise Men - Magi

This year has meant so much to us, and, above all, for the Catholic world. We’ve witnessed some incredibly intense and important moments; we’ve loved every day we had the chance to hear Pope Francis’ words during his weekly Audiences; finally, we’ve learned so much, and hope that you too were part of this experience with us. Let’s go through three of the most powerful events of this 2016.

Saint Peter's Basilica - Il Cupolone

Tic tac tic tac… Christmas is coming! Have you decorated your Christmas tree yet? We want to be part of your holiday mood. That’s why we compiled this Christmas Tree decoration guide for You! Click to discover it!

Christmas Tree 2016

There is nothing quite like the joy of giving something very amazing to the person you love. This Christmas, what are you planning to gift to the woman you love the most? While you’re thinking about it, get a look at our top 5 gift ideas for Her.

Christmas Gift List for Her

Slippers? A set of shirts? Or maybe a toaster? Come on! You can do way better than this—don’t let this Christmas be like all the other ones. Revive your Gift List and get him something really special!

Gifts Wishlist for Men
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